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San Diego Blather – Osmium

A band named after one of the densest elements in the world with the promise of being a “heaviest metal” band is promising quite a bit. So, they best deliver, right?

Well, they do. Yes, hell yes, they do! Osmium slammed down an intensely energizedheavy and passionate performance. Osmium is a cohesive and is aggressive from start to finish! I saw them perform at a King Batt Entertainment event held at Stage 163 with a spectacular line up of local talent.  I was definitely impressed and hope to see Osmium again soon. However, this is my opinion and as you know, I prefer that you listen and decide for yourself! So, lets begin with band information then onto some tasty video footage. I hope you enjoy Osmium! \m/

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*Images were taken by me at Stage163*


I think the videos are always the best part of our posts! However, with all bands, nothing compares to actually going to a live show. Seriously, the difference is significant.

( Osmium does have a video that I really liked but was unable to share it, please click HERE for that video. Meanwhile, we have these for your consideration!

The following videos were found on Osmium’s YouTube channel. ENJOY! \m/

Thank YOU!

LOL Are you reading this? Awesome! You are so appreciated. I hope that you enjoyed Osmium and will rage at one of their shows. Thank you for dropping by and feel free to message us. Be safe and well always!

*With the exception of the pics taken by San Diego Blather, all videos and logos belong to Osmium*


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